Mary Simmons

pilchuckMary Simmons, Camano IslandArtGlass, Studio #17,
Kiln Glass Residency Experience; Last fall, I was invited to participate in a professional kiln-glass residency program held at Pilchuck Glass School, which is the most comprehensive center for glass art education in the world.

The theme of our residency program was Nature as Muse, and what inspiration I had. The incredible facility of Pilchuck Glass School, and surrounding natural beauty as well as the depth and scope of artists and resources, was enveloping and amazing. Spending this residency with some of the most incredible and accomplished glass artists from around the world, including Steve Klein and Richard Parrish, who led our residency, was the most rewarding and thought provoking experience I’ve ever had in my glass art career. All of the artists in our group shared, contributed and encouraged each other; all while pursuing their own investigations. I’m looking forward to further explorations from what I’ve learned and experienced at this professional kiln-glass residency.