Stan O’Neil – Glass sculptor

Stan’s love for art and working with his hands began when he was just 14 years old. As he got older he channeled that passion into owning his own body shop, working at a foundry and even a metal shop before he got into working with glass. He first dabbled with glass art when he was making custom gates and handrails for a number of clients. Their incorporation of glass into the design gave Stan the liberty to play with this new medium and really discover his passion.

The art scene of Camano Island has been a large part of Stan’s journey as he worked for five years under Dan Bergsma at the Sea Glass Gallery. He soon began landing his own glass sculptures in Dan’s gallery until he eventually branched out on his own.

Today, Stan is in the process of building a house on Camano Island where his shop and gallery also reside. Glass continues to be his medium of choice although his gallery also displays pieces of bronze, metal and even paintings. Stan enjoys collaborating with other artists whenever possible and travels the country showing his pieces and gathering inspiration from different cultures and environments.