Marguerite Goff

I have spent many years being delighted by what you can make with clay. From the first perfect heart as a nine year old through the wonder of making functional things we can use for our morning coffee and cereal or the joy of sculpting a salmon, I thrill to the feel of clay in my hands and the excitement of making something new.

After growing up on the east coast and getting a BFA at the University of Massachusetts, I moved west. As a new landscape seeped into my bones, the natural beauty and fascinating cultural influences of this region inspired me.

Functional pottery was my first focus, but my interest has expanded to exploring the pot more sculpturally and moving to tiles, wall sculptures, and public installations. My work now often involves the excitement of marrying the unpredictable effects from raku firing with realistic natural and cultural forms.

I love it all: big and small, public and private. The White Salmon Day Lodge at the Mt. Baker Ski Area commissioned my first large relief tile installation. Two additional architectural pieces are large relief tile murals commissioned by Haggen Inc. for their stores in Snohomish and Olympia. The city of Arlington has two public works: ‘Council of Salmon’ on City Hall and a gateway sign. Currently Ivar’s Salmon House on Lake Union is installing several of my salmon.

…..And tomorrow I will go back into the studio and dream again, and make more new things for the joy and wonder of it.